The Kicks Ain't Alright

by Modern Kicks

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released February 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Modern Kicks San Francisco, California

Rock ‘N Roll’s Anti Hero is like being hit with a glitter-filled pillow at a champagne slumber party and the mega-melodic hooks that power these glam pop songs are completely devoid of snarky intentions. Instead the mischievous come-ons these Bay Area boy scouts employ are of the heartthrob nature, and it won’t be long before every inch of their collective collar is covered in strawberry lipstick. ... more

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Track Name: Up All Night
I'm a wild child spinnin' round don't know what to do with myself
Oh yeah I'm trouble bound runnin round going nowhere fast

And I dont need to tell you where I've been
And I don't even know where to begin

Don't want you to keep me up all night
Hey baby I ain't got no alibi

And now I'm hell bound outta town and I don't need nobodies help
You say that I'm a mess outta step baby take a look at yourself
Track Name: We're All Alright
The kids ain't the same
Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane
We ain't got time to complain
Now that everyone has changed

Pre Chorus:
And I ain't no hang around
And I don't plan on settling down

Cuz tonight, we're alright

We're all alright, all alright tonight
We're all alright all alright tonight

They always said, we're going out of our heads
Mommy's trying hard to keep it together
We ain't no good at making friends
Dad's on his way to a permanent vacation

We're on top and we ain't gunna stop
Track Name: Teenage Overdose
I was born free, you don't gotta take it from me
I got no sympathy for all you puppets on tv

And I'll tell you something, you got me thinking
You're something you're not but that ship is sinking on down
Burning out and fading away

Living your life just like a lottery
Rolling the dice right in front of me
Next thing you know you'll be comatose
You're on a teenage overdose

Teenage Overdose
You're getting close
To a Teenage Overdose

You gotta turn it up, If you want my attention
You better start me up, If you need some action

I'm your main man, if you want some satisfaction
This ones for the eagles flying free.
Track Name: Aim High (For Suicide)
Out in the streets, you don't gotta take it from me
Because you already lost your mind and you ran into me just in time

Pre Chorus:
Your fading out now
I'll bring you back now
I'll letcha know how
Got everything you need come on baby let me set you free

I'll be your main man runnin' around
Aim high for suicide baby
No runnin' around

Boulevard trash you ain't no queen
Got glitter in your eyes your so obscene
I'll make you so sweet, they'll want you so bad
knocking on my door just to get you back

Pre Chorus:
Your fading out now
I'll bring you back now
I'll letcha know how
So you in or you out what are you about
Track Name: Hole In My Head
Shaking around, straight to the ground
But it's a long way to the top
Gunna find herself another one tonight or is she gunna stop
Man she's looking pretty, heading to the city and you just had to fly
Take it or leave it, you know you wanna give it a try

You were the tipsy gypsy, from my wildest dreams
21st Century rocket queen, with or without you
I'm better off dead, coz I needed you like a hole in my head
My head

You got your friends in high places
You've got angels with dirty faces
All the same things from my latest mistakes
Talk of the town, runnin' around
And you look like your headed for a break down
Get outta my mind with those hippy hippy shakes
Track Name: Don't Let Me Down
It ain't easy to cut you loose
I got a heart ache just thinking about it
You're so hard headed and I don't get it
I see you bleeding out real loud

Pre Chorus:
Just don't get it
No you just don't get
And I don't get it never would regret it again

Your an overdrive child, always runnin' wild
Your an overdrive child never seen you smile

No time for distractions
Won't make no reaction to no I ain't pretending
A lifetime of bad habits and I just want to shout it when the road comes to an end

Pre Chorus:
You still don't get it
No you still don't get it
And I don't get it never would regret it again